We founded Verstill with one goal in mind: to create the best spirits possible. 

We are a bunch of whisky lovers that gathered together to create a "distiller's distillery" able to craft spirits we will be proud of. Our journey took us all across United States, to Scotland, Belgium, Israel and many other countries to develop technologies for our distillery and create great spirits.

We are building distilling tools able to create any flavor and use these to help people build and grow their spirit brand and distillery. The company has two technologies, our patent pending Versatile still, able to control product flavor by modifying the internal reacting array in the still, and our maturation control technology, able to control the naturally occurring reactions during maturation and create great spirits in a matter of weeks instead of years. 

We love to work with people, and thought it would be great to create spirits and distilleries based on everything we learned. You are welcome to join our journey, and we would be happy to be part of yours.